Regular air contains 21% oxygen, but our SPORTS BREATHING AIR is not for regular people.. Through a special process, we naturally increase the oxygen levels to 38%! We recommend our SPORTS BREATHING AIR to sports players, fitness enthusiasts and those who lead an active lifestyle.

Our Enriched Air is perfect for high-performance men and women during exercise, training, sports and recovery.

It is a known fact that the human body consumes more oxygen during physical activities. We’ve developed this product to give you more oxygen with every breath. Perfect for that extra boost when you need it most. 

All of our products are tested and certified to Australian Standards. They are 100% natural with no harmful effects or risk of overdose.

Product Specifications:

Dimensions:  6.5cm x 32cm x 6.5cm

Weight:  180 grams

Volume:  10 Litres

Contents:  38% Oxygen (Enriched Air)

Air Certification:  Australian Standards 2299.1

Batch tested:  Yes

Laboratory testing:  Yes

CFCs/Propellants:  No. 100% Natural.

Complete with respirator mask.

Each bottle is individually packaged in a premium gift box made from recycled materials.