Koala Hill Air products with Larry the Koala, South Australia


When it comes to air purity and quality, Australia's air is the world's Gold Standard. Koalas are lucky enough to breathe Australia's clean, fresh air every day; and now you can too!

Our products have been specially designed to provide an experience like no other. With every breath, you will be transported to the pristine eucalyptus forests of Australia.

…but it wasn’t easy! It took our founder countless hours of research, aligning with professionals with over 40 years' industry experience, and months of refining to ensure the highest calibre products.

We didn’t just want to do it right; we wanted to do it best. 

We are committed to proven and trusted methods of harvestingtesting and packaging our products. The health, wellbeing and total enjoyment of our customers is our mission. 

Safety and quality are our top priorities. We are dedicated to innovating market-leading products such as our HEALTH and SPORTS breathing air products containing naturally Enriched Air with 38% Oxygen.

All our air is certified to Australian Standards from our ISO 9001 facility with extensive testing and quality control. Rest assured, we have taken every step to deliver a safe product that can be enjoyed with confidence.

Our business is built around meeting the needs of our customers, and we have developed strong supply channels to efficiently deliver our products across the world.

We invite everyone to be a part of the Koala Hill community. Our brand is fun, cool and memorable - the way life should be! We are very proud to share our piece of Australia with each and every one you. Enjoy!