Our Founder

"I think the Australian way of life is for everyone - I want to share it with the world."

- Kyle Williams -

I am passionate about Australia and showcasing its natural treasures; amazing clean air, pristine environment and friendly Australian charm. 

Born and raised in South Australia, I've spent a great deal of time in the beautiful Adelaide Hills. We are gifted with clear blue skies and eucalyptus forests that are abundant with amazing wildlife. The uplifting feeling of breathing pure air is what has inspired me to create the Koala Hill brand.

Koalas are Australia's national icon and reflect the relaxed and healthy lifestyles Australians live. It is my hope to bring Koala Hill's pure, fresh air to everyone in the world who aims to live a healthier lifestyle.

I have carefully hand picked an exceptional team of health-conscious experts who are just as dedicated as I am to delivering safe and memorable products, which our customers across the world can enjoy with confidence. We are committed to maintaining the reputation Australia has earned for high quality exports, and are very proud to share our pure Australian air with you.


Kyle Williams