Atop the rolling Adelaide Hills, in beautiful South Australia the air is crisp, clean and some of the best the world has to offer.

The trees sway in the cool, refreshing breeze. You can hear the leaves overhead rustling gently, and the distant sounds of kookaburras. The views are amazing, and with every breath you feel alive and well.

On the highest hill, in the tallest tree there sits a friendly, vocal character looking out across the forest, Larry the Koala! He loves to bask in the warm sunlight during the day and nestle into his favourite fork-branch in the cold of night. He breathes the purest air and lives a wonderful, healthy life.

So we began to think... Why can't we all enjoy Pure Australian Air?

Meet Larry! He lives in the eucalyptus trees in the gorgeous Adelaide Hills, South Australia. This is a photo taken of Larry on a warm spring afternoon - he sure isn't camera shy!

We're lucky to have so many beautiful animals in Australia, but Larry is certainly the friendliest of all! We'll keep you updated on Larry's adventures - just sign up to the newsletter on our home page, and follow us on social media! #MeetLarry