Clean, fresh air is one of our most important resources.

Clean air is just as important as clean water for our health and wellbeing.

Nowadays, the air in big cities is becoming increasingly polluted. Studies have linked poor air quality to major health problems in people of all ages. Major cities with heavy pollution can register oxygen levels as low as 12% to 15%, which is extremely hazardous to health. This is why now more than ever, people are seeking clean, fresh air solutions.

At these levels there is insufficient oxygen to maintain bodily health: it takes a proper intake of oxygen to keep body cells and organs, and the entire immune system, functioning at full efficiency. 

Koala Hill Health Air, mother and daughter happy and healthy lifestyle

Thankfully, our HEALTH BREATHING AIR and SPORTS BREATHING AIR products contain Enriched Air that is naturally boosted to 38% oxygen.

This increased level of oxygen can assist with:

  • Greater uptake of vital oxygen for optimal function
  • Increasing oxygen levels for energy and concentration
  • Improving general health and wellbeing
  • Easing symptoms for asthma and allergy sufferers
  • Providing essential oxygen and energy for women during pregnancy
Koala Hill Enriched Air products with oxygen - Health Breathing Air and Sports Breathing Air

Unlike pure oxygen products, our Enriched Air is 100% natural. For this reason, there are no harmful or adverse effects to the body and no risk of overdose. Therefore our Enriched Air is perfectly safe for young children, the elderly, people suffering from illness, and pregnant women.

Our air is tested and certified to Australian Standards for safe breathing at our ISO 9001 accredited facility.