Enriched AIr

The air we normally breathe is 21% oxygen, but high altitude atmospheres and polluted air contain less oxygen, which can cause health complications. Our Enriched Air is perfect in these situations with 38% oxygen - around double the oxygen content of polluted air.

What is “Enriched Air” ?

“Enriched Air refers to any Nitrogen / Oxygen gas mixture with an oxygen concentration higher than the 21% found in normal air.”

Enriched Air is a special breathing gas that delivers more oxygen with every breath. Unlike pure oxygen, there is no risk of harm or overdose: our Enriched Air is 100% safe. It is suitable for all ages, including young children, and perfect for women who require essential oxygen and clean air during pregnancy. We recommend our Enriched Air for daily oxygen therapy and use during times of heavy pollution and poor air quality.

How do we “make” Enriched Air?

We don’t make Enriched Air; it is 100% natural!

Using highly specialised equipment we are able to separate and remove Nitrogen from our harvested air, naturally increasing the Oxygen level to 38%. It's a technical process, but the result is clean, pure air with 38% natural oxygen.

Our Enriched Air is tested and certified to Australian Standard 2299 for safe breathing at our ISO 9001 accredited facility.

Benefits of Enriched Air

Enriched air provides higher levels of oxygen with each inhalation, meaning more oxygen in the blood circulated around the body. This can help with recovery, healing, pregnancy, and general wellbeing. Our Enriched Air is a supplementary air to provide enhancement and comfort for our customers. Read about the benefits of Enriched Air in our SPORTS BREATHING AIR and HEALTH BREATHING AIR products.