air testing

 "Clean breathing air is not just our business, it's our promise."

At Koala Hill, we have the highest levels of Quality Control to ensure that our products contain only the cleanest, safest air. We use three separate methods of testing before our air products are sent to our customers, and we maintain test results and certificates for each step in the process.

Test No. 1 - REAL-TIME

Our first method of testing occurs as we harvest our pure and Enriched Air at our ISO 9001 facility. Using highly accurate digital devices, we monitor air purity in real-time and ensure that all breathing air captured is the best quality. Our analysers are calibrated to measure parts per million; the result is ultra-clean air.

Koala Hill air testing, Pure Australian Air and Enriched Air products

Test No. 2 - BATCH

The second test happens after harvesting is complete. Using certified test-tubes and digital sampling devices, we conduct an Air Analysis to confirm the exact contents of the air, including the precise Oxygen level.

Based on these results, we issue an analysis report confirming that the batch complies to Australian Standard AS/NZS2299.1 and is certified for safe breathing. Rest assured, our air quality is second to none.

Koala Hill Air Products, tested and certified Australian Standards breathing air

Test No. 3 - PRODUCT

This last test is very important. Here, we are not so much testing the air quality itself, but rather, the process of pre-cleaning and filling bottles. In this test, we select a sample from the final products for independent laboratory testing.

Through a sophisticated process, we sanitise our empty bottles to ensure there is no bacteria or virus present before sealing and filling. This guaranteed cleanliness ensures product excellence and sets us apart from our competitors.